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Material:Glass bottle essential oil or perfume

Size:10ml 20*30*125mm

Availability: 1000 in stock (can be backordered)

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  1. Aroma:J’adore Miss de Mode Sandalwood & Wood perfume Dark Musk & Soul Perfume Rose of No man’s land ect 100pcs style can be available
  2. Color: Any color can be available
  3. Materail: Perfume

Uses of Perfume

    1. How to use: 7 point method: Behind the ear neck waist elbow inside wrist leg ankle Spray method: Make the perfume 10-20 cm away from the body, spray the mist of perfume, spray the wider the better, then stand in the fragrance mist, so that the perfume can fall evenly on the body, leaving a light fragrance.
      In this noisy, looking for their own quiet nature

Box size:2*3*12.5cm

Color box


Cusotomize box:1000boxes

Note: It can be used regularly in the sun to remove moisture and can be recycled for more than 2 years.


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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions2 × 3 × 12.5 cm

20*30*125mm 1PC/box

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