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Biodegradation pet poop bag


  • Customize pet poop bag moq is 10000rolls

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Biodegradation pet poop bag


  2. Bag size:230*330mm
    23*33cm/bag 1.7 Silks 15pcs/roll 600rolls/carton:51*34*26cm N/W/G/W:25.8kg/26.4kg
  3. Description:
  • Corn starch garbage bags, also known as cornstarch biodegradable bags or cornstarch compostable bags, are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastic garbage bags. Here’s an introduction to corn starch garbage bags in English:
  • Corn starch garbage bags are made from renewable resources, specifically derived from cornstarch, a natural and biodegradable material. These bags are designed to provide a more sustainable solution for waste disposal, reducing the environmental impact associated with plastic waste.
  • Key Features:
  • Biodegradable: Corn starch garbage bags are composed of biodegradable materials that break down naturally over time. They can degrade into harmless substances, such as water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter, when exposed to the right conditions, such as moisture, heat, and microorganisms.
  • Renewable and Sustainable: These bags are made from cornstarch, which is derived from a renewable resource—corn. Unlike traditional plastic bags that rely on fossil fuels, corn starch bags utilize a renewable agricultural crop, contributing to a more sustainable waste management system.
  • Compostable: Corn starch garbage bags are often compostable, meaning they can be added to composting systems along with organic waste. When properly composted, they can contribute to the production of nutrient-rich compost, which can be used to improve soil health and support plant growth.
  • Comparable Strength and Durability: Corn starch garbage bags are designed to be strong and durable, offering a comparable level of performance to traditional plastic bags. They can effectively contain and transport waste without compromising their integrity.
  • Environmentally Conscious Choice: By using corn starch garbage bags, individuals can make a conscious choice to reduce their environmental footprint. These bags help reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste that ends up in landfills or pollutes the environment.
  • It’s important to note that corn starch garbage bags should be disposed of properly to maximize their biodegradability. They are typically suitable for industrial composting facilities or municipal composting programs. It’s essential to check local guidelines and facilities to ensure appropriate disposal and promote the effective breakdown of these bags.


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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 6 cm

23*33cm/bag 1.7 Silks 15pcs/roll 600rolls/carton:51*34*26cm N/W/G/W:25.8kg/26.4kg

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