Professional supplier of essential oils



Why choose linyue essential oil?

High-quality essential oils, our essential oils strictly control the raw materials, through the raw material selection, extraction is in line with the characteristics of each plant, so as to retain the natural properties of the plant.

Purity: Pure essential oils are free from synthetic additives, dilutions, or contaminants. They should be 100% natural and not adulterated with other substances.

We have professional quality control personnel to control the quality and purity of the product, each batch of essential oil we will extract the corresponding essential oil for product testing, we provide COA and MSDS for our customers, so that the quality is visible.

A variety of choices, we can provide a variety of concentrations, sizes of products according to customer needs, we can also match essential oils according to customer requirements, we have professional product knowledge personnel to provide our customers with better service, to serve customers is our company's purpose.

For new customers, we can send samples to customers to confirm the quality of our products, so that customers can really feel the quality of our essential oils, and more assured to cooperate with us.

Regarding our products, we provide customers with price transparency, our prices are based on the same quality of comparative preferential prices, we can give our customers competitive prices while promising to provide the price is to give product quality. We are transparent and serious, we give 100% pure price, 30% pure price, according to the needs of customers to give different recommendations, so that customers can feel our attitude, so that customers can be more assured to establish orders with us. We are looking for long-term, win-win cooperation.

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