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What essential oil is good for headaches?

Today we introduce an essential oil for headache relief – it is lavender essential oil.

Yes, before we briefly introduced the characteristics of lavender essential oil, today we introduce How do Essential Oils Relieve headaches

How do Essential Oils Relieve headaches?

how essential oil relieve the headaches?

With the development of the pace of modern life, people are under increasing pressure. 

The pressure of work and life will lead to headaches in many young people. Long-term dependence on drugs will lead to drug tolerance, dependence or other adverse reactions.

According to the research experiment, 30 patients of different ages and genders were taken as research objects.

 The patients’ head headache location, Chengdu, and mental state were different. 

The researchers dipped lavender essential oil in the index finger, middle finger and thumb, and then massaged the eight degrees of temple, Shangxing, Yintang, Zhuzhu, Sizhukong, Touwei, and Fengfu. 

After the operation was completed, the patient was asked about his/her condition twice a day for no less than 30 minutes each time. 

After 7 days of conditioning, the feasibility of acupressure combined with lavender essential oil was discussed compared with the degree of headache before and after the patient.

Acupressure can reduce the use of analgesic drugs, avoid drug dependence, liver and kidney damage, gastric mucosa and other conditions, and can effectively relieve headache, establish the confidence of headache patients to fight against the disease.

Lavender can put the patient in a soothing and relaxing environment, purify, soothe the patient’s mind, reduce the feeling of exhaustion caused by headache, and make the patient more calm in the face of the headache problem, rather than anxiety and irritability to increase the degree of headache.

Nowadays, chronic headache has become the most common problem, lavender essential oil can create a comfortable circle for patients with headache, relax the mind and make the mind calm, so that with the measures given by the doctor, you can increase the effect, at the same time, for people with occasional headaches, it can also be used as a way to relieve fatigue and promote sleep so that headache better disappear.

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