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Research of Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential oil Brief Introduction

Rose essential oil is a group of non-toxic, safe, volatile substances with special fragrance, rose essential oil with a rich, fragrant, elegant floral smell, the price is very expensive, comparable to gold, and widely used, the international commonly used rose oil types are Damascus rose, white rose, French rose, louver rose, etc. 

There are bitter water rose oil as raw material in China. In addition, rose essential oil not only has great economic value, but also has a wide range of uses, can be used in daily food additives, spices, advanced cosmetics, etc., and also plays a certain role in medicine.

The rich, natural fragrance of rose essential oil is inseparable from the chemical substances of rose, and the compounds of rose are extremely complex, there are more than 300 kinds, the main bioactive components are volatile oil, flavonoids, polysaccharides, polyphenols, etc.

 Research shows that the basic components of rose essential oil aroma are citronellol, geraniol, β-phenylethanol. In addition, there are still many trace components that make up the unique fragrance of rose oil.

The role of rose essential oil

Rose essential oil contains a special aroma, with sedation, anti-anxiety, help to sleep and other effects, in daily life, rose essential oil can be used in aromatherapy, researchers have done tests, after the use of rose essential oil aromatherapy, through blood pressure, pulse, skin value, concentration, stability of movement to see the improvement effect of depressed people, The results showed that rose essential oil could relieve depression.

At the same time, through mouse tests, it has been shown that rose essential oil has anti-anxiety, sleep aid, calming hypnotic effects.

In addition, rose essential oil has a good antioxidant capacity, with strong antibacterial and bactericidal effects, at present, the staff is still committed to studying the pharmacological efficacy of rose essential oil, and expand the development of rose essential oil in medical use.

In addition to aromatherapy, rose essential oil can also be used in various aromatherapy products, such as rose soap, rose sachet, rose scented food, perfume, skin care products, cosmetics, etc., and can also be diluted with base oil for massage.

Extraction process

The high price of rose essential oil is related to the extraction process, which is related to the color and purity of the extracted essential oil and whether the natural fragrance can be maintained.

At present, the extraction technology of rose essential oil includes pressing method, steam distillation method, solvent extraction method, supercritical fluid extraction method, molecular distillation technology. Among them, the most conventional process is the traditional steam distillation method, and its biggest advantage is

The production equipment is simple, the process is simple, this method overall time factory, high energy consumption and high temperature will destroy the heat-resistant components of essential oils, affecting the quality of essential oils, the most important oil yield is low.

The combination of subcritical extraction and molecular distillation can increase the oil yield, which is 5.8 times that of traditional extraction method.
Our conventional essential oil extraction needs to judge the extraction method according to demand.

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