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Get to know perfume

Perfume has become a spice in life, more and more people use perfume in dating, or go out to travel, school, work as a delicate decoration of life.

Today, we’re going to learn about perfume.

There are many varieties of perfume in the international market, but it is divided into 5 grades according to the different flavor content of perfume.


Different perfumes, flavor content is not the same, duration is different, the price is not the same.

The main components of makeup perfume:
The composition of essence is very complex, including alcohol, acid, aldehyde, ketone, ester and other compounds. These complex components will produce esterification reaction with alcohol during the restorage process and become a new substance, and the different ester compounds produced have their own special aroma, which will gradually change the fragrance of toilet water, perfume and so on.
Perfume cosmetics are mainly composed of essence, alcohol, water. In order to extend the retention time or increase the solubility of some products, lipid substances will be added to achieve the effect.

Essence :
Essence is composed of several or dozens of spices, the main function is to give fragrance, is the main body of perfume cosmetics.
It is mainly divided into essential oils and fragrance odors of scented substances – such as flower fragrance and fantasy.
To measure the strength of the fragrance, people often use the “6-level range scale” to evaluate the strength of the fragrance, that is, odorless, can smell, can identify, slightly stronger, quite strong, extremely strong. When the monomer aroma substance is dissolved in water or ethanol, the lowest content that people can feel or distinguish is called the “threshold” of the total substance, when the threshold is greater than 1, the presence of this substance can be felt, the larger the threshold, the stronger the smell.

Flavor pretreatment – aging

1. Add a small amount of ethanol to the essence, then transfer it to a glass bottle, store it at 25-30 degrees Celsius or no light for a few weeks, and then configure the product.

2. Fresh and old flavors of the same variety can also be mixed to help accelerate the coordination of the aroma and hair.

Perfume cosmetics also have a certain amount of water, need to use fresh distilled water or deionized water, the water will not contain microorganisms.

Then 0.005%-0.01% of the fusion agent was added, and sodium citrate was added to inhibit the pollution of metal ions to the water.

The classification of spices generally includes Hupo aroma type, wood aroma type, aroma type, leather aroma type, Tibetan aroma type, cypress aroma type, citrus aroma type, pine aroma type, dry aroma type, crystal type, earth aroma type, flower aroma type, smoke aroma type, fruit aroma type, sweet aroma type, hot aroma type, light aroma type, tobacco aroma type, grass aroma type, dry grass aroma type, grass aroma type, Luz aroma type, light aroma type, sea Flavor type, metal type, cool type, fresh type, aldehyde type, ocean type, health type and wood type. There are many more names to name.

And new descriptions will continue to emerge over time. Because perfumes are made up of different proportions. The volatilization rate of fragrance oil has become an important index in the perfume industry.

The perfumer can condition the perfume according to the mood, emotion, through the volatile substance volatile composition of different, to set the top tone, middle tone, after tone and so on.
For example, the top note is mostly clean floral and citrus fragrance, while the middle note is the essence of a perfume, and the spices and combinations need to be selected according to the needs of the preparation, such as jasmine rose, etc., and the end note is usually a relatively slow volatilize, such as frankincense, sandalwood, etc.
The process of making perfume.
Everyone can make perfume, but becoming a professional perfumer requires not only an understanding of each scent, but also a keen sense of smell.
To make a perfume, you need to first determine the flavor of the fragrance, and then configure the top, middle and bottom tones according to the ratio of 3:2:1.

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