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Effect of Lavender Essential Oil and its Application

Lavender essential oil brief introduction

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a perennial plant of the lavender family in the labiaceae family, which is suitable for growing sunny, well-drained, and low-fertility gravel soil, and is also known as the perfume plant.

Lavender was introduced into China in 1952. At present, Yili in Xinjiang is the largest lavender growing area in China.

The fragrance of lavender is mild and rich. The extracted essential oil has the functions of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, freckle whitening, calming and hypnosis.

Lavender essential oil is a complex ingredient extracted from lavender by distillation or extraction. mainly
Linalool acetate, linalool, trans-β-basil, caryophyllene, etc., among which linalool acetate, linalool, trans-β-basil, caryophyllene, different varieties, different flowering time will affect the quality of essential oil.

At present, lavender essential oil is widely used in medical, beauty, aromatherapy cosmetics and other fields. At the same time, a large number of studies have shown that lavender has the effects of calming hypnosis, lowering blood pressure, analgesia, relieving anxiety and so on.

Methods of lavender extraction

As we all know, the smell and effect of pure plant extraction will be affected by the variety, origin and flowering time of the product, especially the difference in quality inspection between different varieties is obvious. Secondly, the method of essential oil extraction will also affect the effect of essential oil, and there are four common extraction methods:

1. Steam distillation method

Steam distillation is a traditional process with relatively easy operation, low cost but high quality of essential oil extraction. Through the operation of lavender in the distillation unit, the volatile substances in lavender are distilled together with the water steam, and the essential oil is obtained after condensing the liquid. However, the extraction efficiency of this method is relatively low.

2. Organic solvent extraction

Plant essential oils have better solubility in organic solvents, so the essential oils can be extracted by this method. The operation method is mainly to extract volatile components of lavender with organic solvents, and then treat them to obtain lavender essential oils, but this method may have solvent residues, and the purity will be reduced.

3. Supercritical extraction method

The essential oil extracted by this method has high content of aroma substances and high extraction rate. The supercritical carbon dioxide fluid has both the solubility of liquid and the diffusion coefficient of gas.

4. Ultrasonic-assisted extraction method 

Ultrasound can quickly crush lavender, destroy its cells and then maximize the dissolution in organic solvents, which can improve the efficiency of extraction, but because the technology is not mature enough, it is not widely used.

Application of Lavender essential oil

Essential oils are mainly used in medical, aromatherapy cosmetics and other fields.

1. Application and efficacy in food

Lavender essential oil can prolong the postharvest storage life of fresh fruits and vegetables, and other studies have shown that lavender essential oil has a significant inhibitory effect on the growth of drug-resistant strains of E. coli.

2. Use of brain testing

According to the literature, some researchers have established a depressive rat model by using solitary breeding plus chronic and unpredictable mild stress. The research results show that lavender can sedate and hypnotize, regulate emotions, reduce anxiety and improve the body’s immune function by heating or natural volatilization containing aromatic volatile drugs, thus improving the depression-like behavior of rats. Moreover, lavender essential oil aromatherapy can up-regulate the expression of pCREB and c-fos in hippocampus and amygdala of depression model rats, and improve the learning and memory ability of rats.

3. Aromatherapy and cosmetics

Lavender essential oil is extracted from pure plants and is widely used in the massage aromatherapy skin care industry.
According to literature records, lavender essential oil can delay skin photoaging by reducing ultraviolet radiation damage, clearing free radicals, increasing skin antioxidant capacity, inhibiting protein expression leading to apoptosis and other ways, so it is widely used in cosmetics and skin care industry.
At the same time, through the smell and massage and other ways, the body and mind can be relaxed, and the process of people’s use can cure psychological diseases to a certain extent.

4. Application in medicine

At present, many reports have shown the role of lavender, and a large number of experiments have also verified this point, and the experimental data also provides a theoretical basis for clinical practice, but further in-depth exploration is still needed, but this new method also opens new ideas for clinical application.

There are also a lot of experimental studies on lavender essential oil for various industry uses, in general, lavender essential oil is a relatively versatile essential oil, suitable for the vast majority of situations

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