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  • History of aromatherapy essential oils

As people’s demand for their own skin care gradually increases the desire to relieve work and emotional stress, as well as the increase in consumer demand, aromatherapy market is gradually expanding.

Aromatherapy culture has a long history in Chinese history. It began in the Spring and Autumn period, grew up in the Han Dynasty, became complete in the Tang Dynasty, and reached its peak in the Song Dynasty. It accompanied the Chinese nation through five thousand years of vicissitudes and storms, and walked out of the brilliant course of Chinese civilization shining the world.

There are written records that when there were no spices such as agarwood introduced, China had the practice of burning herbs such as orchid Hui. During the reign of Emperor Wudi of Han, the counties of Lingnan contributed their treasures, and spices were introduced into the Central Plains. By the Western Han Dynasty, the aromatherapy culture of our country had already formed initially, the famous “Boshan furnace”

It is the product of the Western Han Dynasty. Emperor Wudi was fond of aromatherapy, and a large number of spices were transported through the Silk Road in the Han Dynasty, involving hundreds of spices. By the Sui and Tang Dynasties, aromatherapy culture had formed a mature and complete cultural system.

Incense is not only burned in religious ceremonies, but in daily life incense has become an elegant art. Aromatherapy always gives people a kind of ancient and mysterious feeling, exuding magic and irresistible charm. It is said that the use of herb incense, the aroma of plants gradually filled in the air, self-cultivation, life elegant. From the ancient Egyptian queen covered her bed with roses, to the Tang Dynasty Yang Guifei bathed in flowers, today’s aromatherapy beauty is the essence of plants extracted from fragrant plants, which is fundamentally different from ancient times. In the history of “aromatherapy”, the material used is the plant itself, emphasizing the shape and smell; Today’s “Aromatherapy beauty”; It uses the refined oil extracted from plants, and increases the effect of beautifying the body and skin, regulating emotions, and strengthening the body. Aromatherapy developed in modern Europe is the use of Kaoru essential oil to protect the body and mind of the method, extract the essence of the plant aromatherapy essential oil, not only has a special fragrance, but also has a good effect. Through bathing, massage and other ways to balance and soothe the body. Modern people understand that essential oil has good volatility, dissolves in alcohol and oil, has good permeability to the skin, can produce indirect promotion of the human body, and improve the positive function of the human body itself. Therefore, when accepting the massage care of professional beauticians, in the soft aromatherapy light and refreshing aroma environment, supplemented by listening, touching, smelling, viewing, taste, and feeling six senses therapy, in the gentle and melodious aromatherapy beauty music sound like nature, the face of the beautician is bright and moving, the skin is delicate and firm, Release physical and mental fatigue and pressure, which is the highest state of aromatherapy often expressed by beauticians.


  • What is aromatherapy oil? 

The book says that flowers, leaves, stems, roots, fruit skins, bark, or fruit from plants, The volatilizing aromatic compounds extracted by distillation of water and gas, extrusion, cold immersion or solvent extraction are collectively called fine oils.

The human body should use the aromatic and medicinal properties of these plants which are easy to be absorbed by the skin, so as to obtain the effects of skin care and heart pleasure. Up to now, there are about 200 kinds of refined oil products extracted from many kinds of plants in the essential oil market, among which there are single fragrances free, and there are mixed fragrances.

There are two kinds of refined oils sold on the market: compound refined oil (dilute release) and single refined oil (undiluted release). Simple essential oil is a fine component extracted from the whole plant or a certain part of a plant, which generally has a more dense and melancholical smell of the plant, and has a specific function and individual characteristics. The pure pure oil is very high, and it can be used on the skin only after being diluted and divided. The herb is often named after the plant.

In order to realize a certain function, according to the prescribed prescription ratio, two kinds of refined oil are selected and added with the most suitable base oil to adjust and coordinate with each other to produce the refined oil, which has complementary phases. The effect of enhancing the therapeutic effect. Compound herbal oil is not the same as single herbal oil, in order to achieve different effects, the body of the recipe is also different, single herbal oil can not be directly applied to the skin, must be mixed with base oil and dilute release. Or according to a certain formula and base oil mixture before it can be used on skin.

There are many ways to use refined oil, such as direct inhalation, incense, fumigation, bath, massage, wet compress, skin care and so on. The simplest method of making fine oil in the family is the direct connection suction method. Drop it into a cup filled with hot water, and the pleasant fragrance immediately fills the whole house. This makes the fragrance spill in the room, which I call “Kaoru Kaoru”. Kaoru Kaoru is a highly volatile oil, so when the bottle is opened, the scent dissipates. When the nose is blocked, simply open the bottle of Kaoru and place it beside the body to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion.


  • Tips:
In the selection of fine oils, only the selection of pure essential oils can achieve the best results. Labeled with “aromatic oil”, “aromatic oil” and other words are not pure essential oils, because these oils are added chemical components, in aromatherapy, so that the use of these refined oils will not reach the therapeutic effect.
When buying, you must go to the regular sales site, where some merchants will provide essential oil samples, and some will carry out fine oil tests. The refined oil sample test can be used for consumers to select essential oils for reference.
Look for the seal on the bottle.
When choosing a fine oil, remember to look at whether the bottle has been opened. There is a seal to ensure that the bottle of oil is not contaminated. This is because the volatilization of fine oil is very strong, once in contact with air will be very fast volatilization, also based on this reason, fine oil must be stored with a dark color bottle that can be tightly sealed, that is, to open the bottle and use it, but also to close the lid as soon as possible.
Do not pack in clear glass
Refined oil in a container or plastic container. The fine of normal rules
Oil products should not be stored in plastic containers,
These vessels expose the oil to the sun,
Ultimately, it will affect the original nature of the oil. To choose
Bottled in dark glass bottles or aluminum bottles
Refined oil, this helps to maintain the quality of refined oil.
Buy refined oil must not be greedy for cheap. 
The price of refined oil reflects its quality and care function to a certain extent, and most of the pure positive refined oil’s price is above 100 yuan, so it is not necessary to buy the refined oil with the function multiplier at a low price. The refined oil that is too low in price may be a combination of human work and low in quality, even harmful to the body.

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