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Aromatherapy in pets

There are many types of essential oils, and different essential oils extract different components and have different characteristics, such as bergamot can reduce stress and anxiety, ginger essential oil can control nausea, marjoram can control pain and so on.
Through the use of sniffing, smearing, oral, anal oil, etc. At present, the common use is sniffing and smearing, and other use methods need to be used according to the doctor’s guidance.

According to current research, aromatherapy can help dogs and cats.


With the improvement of living standards, more and more people use essential oils, many people will worry that it will cause some harm to pets.

According to research, humans have about 45-50 million olfactory receptors, but dogs have 200 million, so animals can smell aromatic essential oils, whether they need this direction molecule and dose, resulting in more behavioral factors, physiological factors and emotional factors, because we need to consider their body size, metabolic capacity when using essential oils. Olfactory features and sensations, if used properly, can be a good helper for pet keepers.

Common applications:
Washing service – fur conditioning, deworming.
Beauty services – calm mood, stop bleeding, prevent skin allergies.
Massage service – sub-health conditioning, elderly joint discomfort relief, emotional relief
Aromatic plant products sales – eau de toilette, foot mat softening cream, insect repellent spray, anti-stress aromatherapy

Different breeds of dogs vary greatly in size, in the use of plant essential oils need to fully consider the product label and production date and composition and content, the safest way is through aromatherapy, normal unless the doctor’s guidance can not be taken orally or injected plant essential oils.

For cats, cats are highly sensitive to coumarins (manyCitrus essential oils contain), morphine, some sulfonamides and salicylic acid (Holly essential oil contains a lot of) and other ingredients detoxification speed is much slower than people, resulting in easy to appear excessive dose of the situation, in addition, cat blood hemoglobin contains oxygen molecules, sensitive to phenols (oregano, thyme CT thymol and other essential oils contain) components. 

The end result is severe anemia or liver failure and death, and essential oils such as cinnamon cinnamon and melaleuca can not be metabolized in the cat’s body, so before the cat uses it, it is necessary to buy a calming product suitable for cat use in a regular place.

Whether it is cats or dogs, it is not recommended to consume essential oils, the safest way to use the aromatherapy diffuser, such as the cat calming solution, thus the safest way to relax the pet and relieve anxiety.

With the extensive use of aromatherapy in life, people gradually understand the aromatherapy products, need to be more careful about the use of essential oils that may harm pets, you can consult the factory or sales staff before use, so that life is full of fun and will not harm our pets.

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