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Application of essential oil aromatherapy in the treatment of sleep disorders

About one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, which can eliminate fatigue, protect the brain, and strengthen Immune, promote development, good for beauty.

To ensure high-quality sleep, to achieve the purpose of nourishing the spirit, restoring body fatigue, preventing and treating diseases, strengthening health and prolonging life.

How essential oils are useful for sleep

Plant essential oil is a kind of secondary metabolic substances of plant origin with small molecular weight and can be steamed with steam. Essential oil molecules can enter the human body through various ways, resulting in various pharmacological effects and physiological reactions. Chemicals in essential oils penetrate into skin tissues through the skin, and are transported to all organs and tissues of the body through blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. After absorption, distribution, metabolism and other processes, metabolic waste is finally discharged through sweat and urine. Essential oils can also be inhaled through breathing. After inhaling essential oils, essential oil molecules enter the blood through capillaries in the nasal passages, reach the limbic system in the brain that controls emotion and smell, and stimulate the hypothalamus, the center that controls hormones in the body, so as to regulate mental, emotional and hormone imbalances.

Essential oils have a wide range of applications, often used in beauty, clean air, sterilization, etc., and can also be used clinically to regulate blood pressure,Relieving asthma, relieving dysmenorrhea, relieving myocardial ischemia, sedating and sleeping, enhancing immune function, etc.

The following are common essential oils for health care:

1. lavender essential oil lavender: It can promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion, and can be used in skin diseases, such as burns, sunburn, acne, abscess, eczema, and prevent baldness; Can promote gastrointestinal function, can be used for digestive system diseases, such as stopping vomiting; Can improve bronchial inflammation, can be used for respiratory diseases, such as asthma, laryngitis; Can calm calm, calm mood, can treat sleep disorders, anti-depression, blood pressure, suitable for high blood pressure, work tension, trouble.

2, geranium essential oil geranium: can balance sebum secretion, improve pore obstruction, can be used in dermatology, such as chilblains, can make grey White skin is ruddy and vigorous; It can regulate hormones, diuresis, and improve the premenstrual syndrome and perimenopausal syndrome. can Relieve stress, soothe anxiety, depression, anti-depression, and help meditation.

3, carrotseed essential oil carrotseed: can smooth lymphatic circulation, reduce edema symptoms, prevent colds; Can promote cell regeneration, improve skin tone, make skin firmer and more elastic, fade age spots, prevent wrinkles, eliminate dark circles, stretch marks and scars.

4, grapefruit essential oil: can detoxify diuretic, can be used for weight loss, improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity, whitening, protection Wet; Can promote blood circulation, can purify blood, reduce headache, menstrual pain; It can enhance the function of digestive system and promote the elimination of gallstones. Can make the spirit happy, can enhance self-confidence, anti-depression. It has a photosensitive effect and avoids prolonged exposure to sunlight after use.

5, bergamot essential oil bergamot: can be used in dermatology, such as improving oily skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, 庎 sore, ulcer, herpes, etc.; Can stimulate appetite, improve gastrointestinal function, for indigestion, cholelithiasis and so on; It can relieve bronchitis, urinary infection and gynecological diseases. Has the effect of insect repellent; It can soothe anxiety, anger, tension, and anti-depression. It has a photosensitive effect and avoids prolonged exposure to sunlight after use.

6, sweet orange essential oil orange: has a calming effect, can drive away tension, relieve pressure, improve the sleep disorder caused by anxiety
Get in the way; Can prevent colds; Often used for skin moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, repair scars, etc., for oily, acne or dry skin are helpful
Help. It has a photosensitive effect and avoids prolonged exposure to sunlight after use.

7, lemon essential oil lemon: can refresh, eliminate tension or anxiety; Can promote blood and lymphatic circulation, can be used in dermatology, gynecology, balance oil, shrink pores, fade spots, delay skin aging, improve oily skin, whitening skin, exfoliating, in addition to corns, flat warts have a role. It can improve gynecological inflammation, slow varicose veins, and lower blood pressure. It has a photosensitive effect and avoids prolonged exposure to sunlight after use.

8, tea tree essential oil tea tree: can shrink pores, balance oil secretion, can eliminate chickenpox, herpes, wound suppuration, warts, burns, sunburn. Can improve ringworm, athlete’s foot, dandruff; Can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, can prevent colds, antibacterial, antiviral, enhance
Immunity; Deworming; Helps refresh, rejuvenate and fight depression.

9, ginger essential oil ginger: used for digestive system diseases, such as indigestion, nausea (including morning sickness), flatulence, etc.; Can improve the upper respiratory tract infection, such as cold, cough sputum, sore throat, etc. For osteoarthropathy, such as arthritis, rheumatism, bruising, sprain, dislocation, etc. Aphrodisiac, therapeutic impotence; Can improve skin blood circulation, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, suitable for postpartum care; It can inspire people, improve neurasthenia, mental exhaustion, dizziness, and make thinking active.

10, fennel essential oil fennel: has diuretic, antibacterial function, can eliminate toxins in the body, is a good weight loss essential oil.

11, citronella essential oil citronella: soften the skin, can be used in pico; Deworming; It balances the heart and nervous system.

12, thyme essential oil: helps to wake up the brain, activate brain cells, can make concentration, enhance memory; Can prevent hair loss; Can improve wounds, often used for sore, eczema; Can moisten lung cough, cure cold, sore throat; It can be used for rheumatism and leucorrhea.

13, basil essential oil basil: can be used for picaceae, such as acne; Can be used for upper respiratory tract infections, such as headache and migraine, cold, cough, muscle pain, etc. Can be used for digestive diseases; Can stimulate estrogen secretion, for regulating menstruation; Can make the sense of sharpness, concentration, anti-depression.

14, cinnamon essential oil: can soothe depression, boost mood; It also relieves muscle cramps and rheumatic pain in joints.

15, rosemary essential oil rosemary: can reduce skin congestion, edema, swelling, improve dandruff; Can relieve menstrual cramps; Can diuretic, can lose weight; Can refresh, wake up, rejuvenate.

16, clove essential oil clove: used in dermatology, can treat wound infection, sores and ulcers; Can improve indigestion, vomiting abdomen
Diarrhea etc.; Bactericidal purification; Have aphrodisiac effects; Can enhance memory, lift spirits, anti-depression.

17, peppermint essential oil peppermint: can cheer up the spirit, focus attention, eliminate fatigue, help cool the brain, relieve fatigue, suitable for mental workers, vascular headache, dizziness patients; Can balance oil secretion, purify skin, suitable for oily skin; Effective against vomiting and diarrhea; It has insect repellent effect.

18. patchouli essential oil: It can promote skin cell regeneration and improve dry, aging, rough and cracked skin; Can improve scalp abnormalities; Can accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammatory response; Have the work of waking up the brain, can eliminate drowsiness; It has the effect of diuretic weight loss and deodorization.

19, nutmeg essential oil mutmeng: can be applied to the digestive system, can effectively prevent constipation, improve flatulence, nausea, bad breath, diarrhea and other problems; Because of its warm effect, it works synergistically with happy sage and rosemary essential oils to treat rheumatism and muscle pain.

20, myrrh essential oil myrrh: can promote wound healing, can be used for wound ulceration, Hong Kong foot, skin cracking, etc.; Can clear the lung
Phlegm, can treat pharyngitis, bronchitis, cold, etc.; Can be used for oral and gum problems; Can be used in gynecology; Can enhance immunity; It has the effect of anti-depression, calming mood and calming.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the changes of human sleep and watchfulness are based on the operation of human Yingwei Qi, which is particularly related to the operation of Weiqi.
“Lingshu Wei Qi Movement” says: “Wei qi is in the body for 50 weeks a day and a night, walking in the Yang for 25 weeks in the day, and walking in the Yin for 25 weeks at night.”
“Lingshu · Ying Health Association” also says: “Wei Qi in Yin 25 degrees, Yang 25 degrees, divided into day and night, so qi to Yang
It begins and ends in Yin.” Here, you get up, you go to sleep. It can be seen that Wei Qi is in Yin, then Yang qi is exhausted and Yin Qi is in Sheng, so shape quiet and sleep; In Yang, Yin qi is exhausted and Yang qi is full, so the shape moves and gets up. So the Yang of the human body goes in and out smoothly,Yin is the physiological basis of sleep. Therefore, the balance of Yin and Yang is conducive to the balance of sleep.

 In addition, essential oils can be used together to ultimately relieve sleep disorders.

Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference of Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Committee of China Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Association


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